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Our return policy states you'll love how Fleckman skin care makes you feel and look. If you're not joyful in 30 days, you can get a full refund (minus shipping costs) even if you lathered the product all over you. Just contact support.

A consultant tells us we're crazy for giving you a refund no matter what, but our chests are out and heads are up that you'll be smiling when you try any Fleckman product.

The sample kit is non-refundable because you only pay for delivery. Plus, it is a sample after all for you to test the most-loved skin care products for authentic men.

Fleckman skin care

Here's why you need to be using Fleckman yesterday. Fleckman is:

👨 Made for men over 40. You need skin products designed for your problems and skin requirements. Research shows men have more active sebaceous glands than women, which leads to extra pores that are larger. These pores are bigger "doors" for free radicals to enter that speed up aging. The pores also lead to shiny skin from oils. Shaving literally shaves skin off your face exposing undeveloped, sensitive skin. Beards create their own problem with beard dandruff and itchy skin. So you see, Fleckman products have been formulated only for men over 40 to look and feel their best.

😄 Filled with organic and natural ingredients. Your skin is your largest organ, absorbing what is put on it. The science behind natural ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, wheatgerm oil, or blueberry extract in our products, shows they are great for your skin and health. You can't be expected to know all the science nor do you need to. You get time-tested ingredients good for your body with no suspect, harmful chemicals. All of this chemical crap is excluded from everything in our range:

❌ No alcohol
❌ No aluminum
❌ No DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), and TEA (triethanolamine)
❌ No formaldehyde and ingredients that release it
❌ No mineral oil that blocks pores
❌ No parabens like methyl, butyl, ethyl, and propyl
❌ No petrochemicals, ethanol, paraffin Wax, PEGs, and 1,4-dioxane producers
❌ No phthalates
❌ No sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate
❌ No talc
❌ No bullshit

🐛 Stored in eco-friendly packaging and jammed with marine-friendly ingredients. Sadly, 99% of skincare companies use plastic made from fossil fuels in their packaging, which stays in our environment for hundreds of years. This is non-renewable and releases carbon into the environment. It doesn't stop at packaging, it's in the skin care as well with microbeads made from plastic in exfoliators. Once these enter waterways, marine life eats these cheap plastic particles, to then pass on to us at the top of the food chain. "Ready to order sir? Would you like plastic with your salmon?"

We use natural pumice stones forged by mother nature over the years instead of microplastics that end up in our ocean. We also use Brazilian sugarcane when making our tubes. By using sugarcane as the raw material in our tubes, we utilise a renewable resource that needs little more than rain to grow.

🐶 Not tested on animals. You're supporting a company who does not test ingredients or formulas on animals. By supporting us, you're supporting our suppliers who uphold cruelty-free values. Bingo the dog, Thumper the rabbit, even that unnamed rat shouldn't have to suffer from Frankenstein-ingredients on their skin. Oh, all of the ingredients are vegan-friendly as well.

👃 Free of synthetic dyes or fragrances. A "fragrance" in cosmetics is a scented mix of chemicals. There are over 3,000 chemicals used in fragrances. Have you ever experienced a red patch of skin, or perhaps your face went red after applying a cream? The number one thing men are allergic to in skin care is synthetic dyes or fragrances. Sure, a sandalwood smell is nice, but science has proven inflamed skin from irritation speeds up the aging process.

You may be surprised when you open your next Fleckman tube and apply it, that it has a neutral scent. It doesn't smell like much. That's because every Fleckman product avoids the red face and skin irritation from man-made fragrances. Fleckman looks after your face and minimizes wrinkles, rather than perking up your nose.

💍 Proven effective and risk-free with our "lather and love it guarantee". As a small business, we promise you’ll love every single Fleckman product. Even if you've emptied an eco-friendly tube all over your face, we will still refund you in full within 30 days of your order.

🚚 Easy to order with fast, free 2-day delivery on orders over $50. That means if you're squeezing out the last drops from your tube of Fleckman, you can order more that day. There's no disruption to your skin care routine. You can continue to look and feel your best with natural-colored, moisturized, and firm skin.

💰 A money-saver for you. A lot of men over 40 are wise with their coin so the free delivery saves you money. Skin care brands that claim to help wrinkles and repair skin can sell a single cream for over $300 so their executives can buy another Ferrari. Not in this house.

We're a small business who wants to help as many men feel great about their age and masculinity. That means affordable prices. Also, buying more saves you more. Our sets, like The Day & Night Dream Creams and The Essentials Set, on average save you 10%.

To enjoy all this, you can shop our skin care range online.

All but The Awakening Eye Gel is 1.35 fl oz/40 ml. The eye gel is 0.67 fl oz/20 ml.

Our personal use of The Essentials Set, which contains all the products, following the day and night routines has it lasting 2 months.

How long it lasts for you will depend on whether you follow the routines. (I suggest you do follow it for best cleanliness, hydration, and skin repair!)

It also depends on how much you use per application. Guys with smaller heads will have their set last longer. Some men also like to apply the cleanser and serums to their neck, which will mean each is used up quicker.