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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable bio-plastic packaging of men's skin care

Cut Plastic, Help the Environment

Sadly, plastics used in skincare packaging stay in our environment for hundreds of years. That's a lot of unnecessary devastation every day. Skincare has damaged our environment for too long.

For example, microbeads are all too common in exfoliators. Once these enter water ways, marine life eats these cheap plastic particles, to then pass on to us at the top of the food chain. "Ready to order sir? Would you like plastic with your salmon?"

There's good news. We've rolled up our sleeves to avoid plastic in all cosmetic products.

Microbeads do not exist in our skincare. Natural pumice stones forged over millions of years are used instead of microplastics that end up in our ocean. The gentle stones feel better on your skin and our forefathers were using them for generations.

We use sugarcane when making our tubes. 99% of skincare companies use plastic made from fossil fuels. This is non renewable and releases carbon into the environment.  

By using sugarcane from Brazil as the raw material in our packaging, we are utilising a renewable resource that needs little more than a bit of rain to grow. 

Not bad, eh?

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