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The Essentials Set

At last, save time and cash hunting for the best men's skin care routine. You'd much prefer to help your partner, tick off work tasks, or watch your favorite TV show than mix and match products. Every product has been scientifically formulated for men over 40 to give your skin what it craves.

Be confident your skin gets what it needs for an authentic look and fresh feel, thanks to The Essentials Set. Spend two minutes when you get out of bed and another two before bed. You'll be smiling when you see your natural skin color consistent on your face, little flakiness or grease, and smoother skin after just a few weeks.

The Essentials Set includes all our bestsellers for the ultimate skin care routine. Every product is rich in natural and organic ingredients clinically proven to cleanse, nourish, or repair damaged skin. Say goodbye to a greasy face from non-absorbent creams.

You don't want to lather yourself in a pool of chemicals then come out smelling like the queen of England. Every item in the set has zero harmful chemicals so you can end your tomato-colored face from irritating fragrances.

  • What's In The Essentials Set?

    Discover how each skin care product can help you feel and look good.

    The Moisturizing Day Serum

    Your skin will devour the 2-in-1 moisturizer that also restores your natural authentic look. Guys are amazed at how well the cream absorbs. Protect your face for the day ahead.

    You will feel refreshed from the non-greasy formula made from the best natural and organic ingredients craved by your skin. Daily use of the moisturizer will:

    • Defend your face against sunlight damage, pollution, and dehydration that speeds up aging
    • Build firm, elastic skin
    • Hydrate your skin surface and sub-surface
    • Reduce inflammation from irritants
    • Shuttle nutrients into your skin

    The Moisturizing Day Serum (1.35 fl oz/40 ml) is for the guy who wants to feel good in the day and years later in life.

    The Smoothing Night Serum

    Tired of sad, saggy facial skin that is in worse condition than your mantatoes? If you look into the mirror to see red, flakey skin with fine wrinkles, or you just want to be confident you're doing what's best for your face, The Smoothing Night Serum (1.35 fl oz/40 ml) is your best mate.

    After slaying dragons all day, the night serum is your repair tool for total-face rejuvenation. It is a natural solution with the best organic ingredients to snatch back what the day took. Nightly use of the serum will:

    • Soak into your skin to reduce inflammation
    • Repair skin cells
    • Reduce the signs of aging overtime
    • Rebuild skin firmness

    The night serum is for the man who wants to repair his face each night without chemicals.

    The Awakening Eye Gel

    A big day working in the field, a long-night in the office, or another regretful night on YouTube, sucks the life out of your eyes. The following morning you rise out of bed with bloodshot, dark eyes that scare Dracula.

    The Awakening Eye Gel (0.67 fl oz/20 ml) can't help you with blood shot eyes, but no longer do you have to wake up looking like you've gone three rounds with boxer Mike Tyson. The formula is made for the man that needs to look and feel his best.

    Like a great investment, give it time to show even better returns. By two months, others should see the difference. Keep applying the eye cream to:

    • Relieve eyes with natural ingredients like avocado oil
    • Thwart off fine lines to keep your eyes in peak shape
    • Fight puffy eyes and the tired look
    • Reduce dark circles around eyes
    • Heal skin damage that speeds up aging

    The next time you see a tired bloke, you can recommend him the eye gel.

    The Exfoliating Cleanser

    Good for oily skin, avoiding break outs, minimizing pores, and not drying out your face. The pumice and activated charcoal are some of the core ingredients that sheds the world's garbage from your face into the sink.

    The cleanser will become a vital part of your daily routine. You'll never use granny soap to wash your face again.

    The Exfoliating Cleanser (1.35 fl oz/40 ml) is made for men with no frilly scents. By using the exfoliating on your face, you reduce ingrown hairs and improve your beard.

    You will sleep easy at night knowing it contains no micro-plastics all too common in exfoliating products. Look after our marine life and your face.

    The Firming Face Mask

    Your face suffers from pollution, pores clogged with dirt (blackheads), and enlarged pores from congestion.

    The Firming Face Mask (1.35 fl oz/40 ml) is about performance with a "spa treatment". The indulging formula cleanses, calms, nourishes, then firms your face.

    As the clays cleanse deep dirt, remove dead cells, and detoxifies your skin, the cucumber seed oil, fig extract, and shea butter go to work to condition your skin so it ends up soothed and healthier.

    The mask is well suited to all skin types.

Everything That's Best For Your Face

Be confident your skin gets what it needs for an authentic look and fresh feel thanks to The Essentials Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Hector Pabon
Son buenas

Las estoy usando todavía, pero tienen buenos resultados en especial la máscara te lo deja suave como un bb

daniel david
Best Customer Service Period!!!

It is good to know that we can still find some GREAT Customer Service in the USA. You have no idea what your quick response does for the way I look at your company!.
My sincere thanks - and thank you for your effort - I will definitely spread the word about how awesome your company is and how you value your customers - thanks again for your effort and It does help. Appreciate you and your company - Daniel

Raul Gomez Gomez
Worked well

It was a really genius sample pack. Came with everything you needed to get s fresh clean face. The only thing mussingvwas a daily face wash. Besides that it was almost perfect.

Wade N
Travel size

The items are being packed in my carry on for an upcoming trip. Will do a review after I use all the products. Thanks for the fast shipping!!

Steve B.
Best sample kit I've used

This is a great sample kit with a mixture for what you need morning and night as a man. The cleanser, day serum, and eye cream make a morning routine that sets you on a good path for the day. I like how light the day cream feels. The cleanser/mask, night serum, and eye cream make the night routine that repairs and nourishes your face. I've almost finished the sample (lasted me about 2 weeks) and am ordering the full set now. Pleased with Fleckman.